God is Math.

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Each image is a 2D projection of one level of a higher dimension. Otherwise known as “high-level space fields.” Email Alex @ primarydesigncompany@gmail.com for custom designs and inquiries.

About Primary Design Co

Primary Design Co Primary Design Co. is a graphic design company founded by Alex London, a self-taught designer and programmer with a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts. With more than two decades of experience in the field, Alex has developed a strong foundation in graphic design and programming through independent study. In 2021, he discovered the process of creating "High-Level Space Fields" using SketchUp Pro, and is currently using OpenAI's ChatGPT to develop software to automate the process, and ultimately create a VR-based, 4D "Dimension Simulator." Based in Los Angeles, CA, Primary Design Co. offers a wide range of graphic design services, bringing Alex's diverse skills and experiences to every project.